FYI on Jackie







5 thoughts on “FYI on Jackie

  1. I love her voice and music. I think there a few Gregorian Chant songs that she would be a prefect fit for. It would be haunting to hear her sing them. Just my opinion.

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  2. I agree, I just listed to the song “Je t’aime” : her incredible pure angelic voice, her beauty, ….even her French pronunciation is quite good :-))
    I cannot help myself but I’m wondering: is she only partly human ….Maia, what do you think ?

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  3. There are many young people you can find on Youtube or other music online venues, in school or church choirs, but Jacqueline Marie Evancho is very much different than most all of these other young talents. Her voice is pure and incredibly mature even at her young age, virtually untrained, and certainly unstrained, as most notes high or low are sung with perfection and ease using the perfect vocal nuances desired or needed. And while I can go on and on about her talents, she is really quite humble about them. She loves to sing and is so happy people enjoy listening.

    In the “Sound of Music” they ask “What can we do about Maria?” The answer was just let her sing! That is her connection to a higher and greater realm. Jackie is much the same way. But even if her voice fails her at some point (hopefully far far away in the future), she has so many other talents in her treasure chest, and one of the most beautiful is her positive and very down to Earth lovely and pleasantly fun personality! How her caring for others through song or cause is contagious and will create followers not just of her vocal prowess, but of her kindness and humanitarian endeavors.

    Jackie exudes happiness and caring…………and boy can she sing!!


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