Awakening Videos List

On this page you will find urls & passwords to watch all my AWAKENING videos. Click on the link and then you will be asked to enter the password. Once you do this, repeated viewings on the same computer will not require re-entering the password. 

This is a private viewing of my Awakening videos. The downloads and embedding are disabled. If you wish to see me continue sharing my JMEdream videos, I ask that you honor my intention not to 3rd party copy them and post on You Tube or elsewhere. Thank you! I have placed my whole heart and soul into creating these videos which I share here with you. I do it entirely for love of Jackie.

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Your Love pw: ML4444

Je T’Amie pw: JTA4444

Ave Maria pw: AV4444

With or Without You pw: WOWY4444

Dorma Jesu pw: DJ4444

Take Me There pw: TMT4444

Open Fields of Grace pw: OFOG4444

Vocalize pw: VOC4444

My Immortal pw: MI4444

Made to Dream pw: MTD4444

Memories pw: M4444

The Rains Of Castamere pw: TROC4444

Christmas Waltz pw: CW4444

Merry Little Christmas pw: MLC4444


8 thoughts on “Awakening Videos List

    • I changed the whole page to password protected. Memories is the SAME number as the others. I added a digit too many. Have corrected now. If you cannot get back to the Awakening videos page and wish to, pls contact me using contact tab above.


  1. Magnificent videos with beautiful matching pictures and composites backed by Jackie’s rich and mellow voice. Thank you for all the work you have put into this and generously shared.


  2. Maia thankyou very much for your efforts with these tracks from Awakening. Even perfectionist Jackie would I am sure be pleased with the result. I have never had much time for the many photos behind the singing type of “videos” but yours are an exzception. One question I have you might clarify. In one of her many interviews recently ( all nicely presented on You Tube) , Jackie mentioned a song she had composed; “The Moon and the Sun” as I recall the title, would be on the Awakening Album. Is that yet to come? Maybe it has two titles.


    • Roger, Lisa was asked about this on the forum recently and she stated that apparently Jackie did not know her song had not been included on the album. That there were “no plans to release it as this time.” Right after that, Jackie no longer mentioned it when speaking about her album.


  3. Maia, your vids about Awakening are absolutly Marvelous! I hope in a few time, everyone will be able to watch them. This is a precious gift to Jackie Evancho and her whole Fans around the World! Then, the next pleasure is just buying the Album and listen to Jackie everywhere, everytime! I discovered more Jackie by your magic videos, now I have bought all her CDs, DVDs, I attended 2 concerts in USA (from France!) and bought 8 copies of Awakening! Thank you so much for your fine work!


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