A Thousand Years – Live Duet

Always so proud of Jackie Evancho – since I first saw her amazing performance at age 10 on America’s Got Talent. Her NEW ALBUM – TWO HEARTS will be out on March 31st. Can be purchased in both CD and digital download from Amazon.com. It will contain THIS DUET with Fernando Varela as well as How Great Thou Art. The Way We Were, Mama, Caruso and more, including some pop songs, a few of which Jackie wrote herself.


5 thoughts on “A Thousand Years – Live Duet

  1. Hello Maia Glad to see that your JME site is in full gear and gets better and better. Excellent work! I have already pre-ordered Jackie’s new CD. Like you, I am as proud of her as if she was my own daughter. I am proud of Juliet also. Very courageous. All the best Gordon



  2. Absolutely beautiful, Maia!!! I was blessed, fortunate to be able to see Jackie on back-to-back nights: 2/11/17 at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert and 2/12/17 at the Cerritos Center in Cerritos, CA! Haven’t heard from you in a while, Maia, hope that you’re doing great – your creativity is inspiring!!!


  3. Great Music, she does duets really great, would love one done with Johnny Mathis, love songs of course, he has many, many. She has the same amount of emotion he displays only she is so young it sticks to your tear glands , always. Love Jackie.


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