World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia – 2015


5 thoughts on “World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia – 2015

  1. How beautiful Jackie has become; voice, face, character, everything. Here songs were wonderful as always, but what a shame they put her on a huge empty stage before hardly anybody was there. Almost like a pre-show filler. Her fans know who she is, too bad the bigshot event organizers do not.


  2. I saw what little they showed of Jackie as she was performing the warm up show. I was rather upset, as here is a mega-superstar, known around the world, and IS CATHOLIC and should have been introduced to the Pope and the Families of The World, as she and her own family are a prime example of exactly what the Pope was talking about regarding families.
    What a loss by the persons who put together the program and what a slap in the face to Jackie herself.
    One of these days, she will be recognized by her peers in the music industry, although in my very humble opinion there are no true peers presently near her in voice, range, or common courtesies that she exhibits at all her concerts and interviews.


  3. I cannot believe that none of these people gave her the STANDING OVATION that she deserved! One more disappointment from Philadelphia! They didn’t even have the courtesy of providing her with a LIVE orchestra but THANK GOD Jackie got through it all and did her usual EXCELLENT performance. Thank you young lady for being such an inspiration.


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