Time to Say Goodbye – Jackie & Andrea Bocelli

IN THAILAND, 2015 (two video versions)

Mike Evancho’s


9 thoughts on “Time to Say Goodbye – Jackie & Andrea Bocelli

  1. So happy that Jackie was invited to sing with Andrea. Two wonderful voices that will bring many wonderful songs to us all. 🙂


  2. Time to Say Goodbye in Bangkok, Thailand with Jackie Evancho, Andrea Bocelli and David Foster was anticipated with great excitement! TY, Maia, for your usual JME artistry! This just inspired me to watch Jackie sing Memories (Awakening) and Andrea sing Canto Della Terra (Sogno)!!!


  3. Hi Maia,
    Thank you again for all your alert and hard work to put these clips together.
    I have said many times and will say again that it is a crime against all humanity that there is not a HD video of everything that Jackie sings even if it has to be held for a year for copyright and profit. A pox on all of the things wrong with the music business.


  4. Andrea was outstanding. What a terrific show, full of so much talent and variety. Especially enjoyed Andreas duet with the up and coming young American star Evancho. I would love to see more of that.


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