Awakening Album Premier and Dance

Maia hosting Awakening Premier Dance in Second Life

First a little back-story.

I have been active in the virtual world of Second life for over six years now. It is not a game. It is a “world” with many communities and over a million “real” people. I participate in the spiritual communities there. I have held discussion groups and I give “dances” once a week on the Creation’s Park “sim” (simulated land). Creation’s Park was set up to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. People who come to participate in activities there, usually donate to the MJF foundation through the donation “box” on the Creation’s Park sim. While not part of their organization, they have recognized Creation’s Park in SL. Michael knows and approves of it and the founder of Creation’s was even flown to NY to attend a MJF gathering.

Parkinson’s patients are in Second Life, and attend support groups and dances on Creation’s Park. A “P” sufferer may not be able to dance in the physical body, but they can in their avatar bodies! There is scientific research that shows people with all kinds of ailments and diseases improve dramatically by participating in virtual worlds (esp SL) where they can use their brains and sight to tell them they are engaging in activities that their physical bodies find difficult if not impossible to perform.

Now to the real story here . . .

I held an AWAKENING Premier and Dance at Creation’s Park today. I placed Jackie signs up, one was clickable to open Jackie’s Amazon page with her Awakening album right at the top of the page.

Some of the people who attended were probably Parkinson’s sufferers. Others were not. ALL went “gaga” over our Jackie’s voice! THEN I told them she was 13 when she recorded this album. Then, they nearly passed out. Ooooh, I was in heaven lol. Several people donated to the MJF Foundation while dancing to Jackie.

I played the music through my computer, streaming into the music channel on the Creation’s sim. It was not downloadable…coming off my computer only. I asked everyone to mute their mics and just use the text chat window. Below, is just a small portion of the reactions to the album. Some people are wearing translators on their avatars. So, some of the comments are repeated in English. The person going by the name “Designer” is a classical singer.


[12:40] Designer Enchanted: une sibelle voix
[12:40] Designer Enchanted: a voice Sibelle
[12:40] Designer Enchanted: merveilleuse pour les malades
[12:40] Designer Enchanted: wonderful for patients
[12:40] Aira (Aira Jun) is online.
[12:41] Maia Shanti Kyi’Ra (Starheart Erdhein): The wavelength of her voice has been found to me like stereo…very unusal
[12:41] Maia Shanti Kyi’Ra (Starheart Erdhein): they studied it
[12:41] Barbie Alchemi: wow
[12:41] Now playing: Jackie Evancho – Track 12
[12:41] Maia Shanti Kyi’Ra (Starheart Erdhein): NO VOICE LESSONS
[12:41] Barbie Alchemi: she has a rare gift, I have never heard anyone else like her
[12:42] Dru (Drucilla Karu): Ive not either
[12:42] ΡΈΡΡёŘ (PepperSuki): i was thinking on her voice with my eyes shut trying to analyse the key so peacfully but powerfull
[12:42] PepperSuki Resident: je pensais sur sa voix avec mes yeux fermés en essayant d’analyser la clé pour peacfully mais puissant
[12:45] Now playing: Jackie Evancho – The Rains of Castamere
[12:45] ΡΈΡΡёŘ (PepperSuki): amazing
[12:45] PepperSuki Resident: incroyable
[12:55] Barbie Alchemi: what an amazing range and perfect pitch she has
[12:55] Maia Shanti Kyi’Ra (Starheart Erdhein): YEssss
[12:56] Taranula Scaryns (Kered01): beautiful


Here are some pictures I took of the event. Remember, every avatar you see here is a real person. Classical singer…another a French physician…and so on.  They are all adults, most probably professionals. To best view the pictures, first click on the MOON and then you will have an arrow to scroll through the rest.



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