Hope for the World

I created this video as a personal project to demonstrate bringing more awareness concerning the immediate and on-going suffering perpetrated upon the defenseless by human beings.

Artists featured are Jackie Evancho and Tom Kenyon – since this is not strictly “Jackie” I did not create it under JMEdream.


10 thoughts on “Hope for the World

  1. The beauty of Jackie, combined with this wonderful site, is magnificent! At 75-yrs old, my wife tells me that I am “mesmerized” by Jackie Evancho.


      • Maia, thank you again for your beautiful artistic creation. I will use it frequently. May we both grow “older” listening to Jackie’s great “gift!” Frank


    • Frank, you have me beat by 1 yr, but I too think Miss Jackie is magnificent. Wife and I have seen her twice, and the good Lord willing will again. Have all CD/DVD’s except first, now waiting for new one. Do love that girl.


      • Yep, I’ve been ever so blessed to have seen this beautiful Angel in concert about 8 times…and will continue to do so until she stops singing or I die – whichever comes first!!! There will never be another like her in this lifetime and probably many, many more to come – if EVER!!!


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