Go Girl!

I usually only post my JME videos here, but this is definately an exception!

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10 thoughts on “Go Girl!

  1. Oh no! Jackie has crossed over to bubble gum pop? Lots of established
    competition in commercial pop already..nothing unique about another one
    joining the ranks. I suppose there is huge market there,
    but…I miss that sweet angelic voice she had a couple of years ago.

    In the last few months, I have come across a couple young girls trying to
    break into cross-over classics..good but Jackie is still the best, IMO.
    I realize that as children grow up, their tastes in music change as they
    mature into adults.

    I was afraid this was going to happen as she grew up…IMO, what the world really
    doesn’t need is another Christine Agulera or Taylor Swift…Lady Gaga, .we have enough of those…but this is just my opinion for what it’s worth..

    Jackie stay with the traditional songs from the American songbook…any you will
    set your own niche as an established singer even if you don’t want to stay
    in the classics all your life.

    American classics..such as Moonlight in Vermont, Stars fell on Alabama,


    • No need to panic. 🙂 Miss Evancho did this song as part of a promotion for Justice Girls Clothes.
      Her intentions are to continue singing classical-crossover: From her mother, Lisa, as noted on her video appearing on YouTube: ” Jackie had so much fun doing this for justice that she said she wouldn’t mind trying it again although she’ll never abandon the music that her voice loves – classical crossover. She hopes you have as much fun watching her try something new as she did doing it. Thank You Justice Girl Clothing! You Rock!” (Jackie Evancho Official)


  2. Absolutely Divine, Love Jackie singing so much, I just can’t get enough of her here in Australia I really hope she’ll come and perform here one day before I go to heaven.

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  3. I love Jackie as a classical crossover artist but it’s really nice seeing Jackie having fun as a 14yo. She has not changed her style but has strayed into other areas in which she can totally dominate as she has proven. Whatever path Jackie takes it will be phenomenal and I will love it as I have since the beginning.

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  4. Eu sigo a carreira da Jackie Evancho à uns 4 anos e fui aumentando o tempo diário no Youtube, No último ano práticamente abandonei todas as músicas que escutava; tais como Celine Dion, Shania Twain entre outras.Escuto a Jackie de noite e de dia…Eu amo-a divinamente…Ela tão jovem e tão perfeita a cantar, porque também ensaia muito.
    Comecei aos 9 anos a escutar música do Juan Sebastian Bach e Mozart. Gosto de ouvir de tudo…Mas agora só tenho tempo para a Jackie..Estive sem andar dos 9 aos 20 anos. Tornando-me um deficiente motor. Depois de ser operado ás pernas…Trabalhei e fiz muita coisa na vida… Fui operado ao coração., a um Aneurisma. Estive quase de partida, mas estou curado. Agora trato-me pela 2ª vez a um Câncer, sem medo! A música de fundo é a minha inspiração para a Poesia e assim me tornei um poeta…
    Jackie, você é o meu “Anjo da Guarda” e quer a sua música, como a sua alegria ajudam-me tanto, tanto…Mesmo sofrendo muito pelas doenças que tenho tido. Mas sou muito feliz…Vivo só. Divorciei-me por maus tratos. Gostava tanto um dia vê-la Jackie a cantar ao vivo.Quem sabe se esse sonho não é realidade? A última música “” Go Girl! ” é mesmo super bonita. Jackie Deus a proteja a si e à sua familia. Eu tenho por si uma eterna amizade…Creia-me seu admirador! Para sempre.


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