Prometheus Unchained

I do not know the real name of the gentleman speaking in this video, but it is an eloquent statement from the heart. To me, it certainly expresses my deep feeling about Jackie Evancho, so I wished to do it justice with this video.


10 thoughts on “Prometheus Unchained

  1. Realize dear ones that Jackie has brought to the earth a message, a message that assures us all that we’re never alone as long as we allow His voice, as translated by angels such as Jackie, to reach into our heart and awaken the soul from its slumber. It is gifts such as Jackie’s that are bringing opportunities of salvation to each of us and those that allow them to happen transcend mortal bonds and know that our paths lead home. Namaste


  2. Dear Maia, His words echo my thoughts to the word, but your entire site brings me the greatest happiness of all those dedicated to the love of this beautiful talented child.. Wish I could someday meet you to express my gratitude for your presentation of Miss Jackie Marie Evancho.


  3. Dear Maia, I want to comment on your wonderful story, but cant navigate procedure. I have password etc. Anyway, I want you to know that your story has almost taken my breath away just as Jackie often does. My only regret is that my life seems so meaningless compared to yours, Don’t feel bad for me, I am just so happy that you have brought your wonderful presentation of Jackie into my life . Thank you for your story and God Bless , Bob


  4. Wonderful work Mala! Thank you so much for all your dedication and work. Yes, Jackie is becoming a swan and I couldn’t be happier for her. Somehow, her emerging great beauty seems to fit who she is and that angelic voice.


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