La Vie En Rose

2014 – from the CD I Only Have Eyes For You by Jumaane Smith, featuring Jackie Evancho – iTunes

107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use
The use of this track is only for purposes of (i) Criticism by fans and other people interested in music; (ii) for comment and (iii) for musical academical research. The use of this track is non-lucrative; non-commercial and non-profit. The use of this audio track is not intended to affect sales and is not intended to affect potential marked or value of the copyrighted work.


9 thoughts on “La Vie En Rose

  1. Cant stop smiling . What a wonderful surprise ! Just fantastic. And we were worried about Jackie’s voice changing? Getting better by the minute.


  2. You have first class video combination of songs and photos of our Jackie. sound production is marvelous and fantastic. you have a gifted talent,thanks for sharing all your works of art. I love it so much and I know Jackie love to watch it too.


  3. Thanks for posting this. As a life-long professional animator, musician and educator, respect for copyrights and “intellectual property rights” underlies every project I deliver, and comprises a substantial set of topics in the classes I’ve taught over the last three decades. Artists in the field know very well that their careers languish without their names and works being seen and heard. The most successful software manufacturers — Adobe, Toonboom and Maya leap to mind — make learning copies of their applications available at extremely low cost so students can learn the tools and processes before they have to pay for a full professional license, which can be as much as $4K – $10K, for all the features. That’s a huge investment for the companies, but it has paid off in the worldwide sales. This video, with your enhancements, sure makes ME eager to buy multiple copies of Jackie’s album, AND Jumaane Smith’s album, so I can give them as gifts to friends as well as LISTEN!


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