A Capitol Fourth – visual re-mix



11 thoughts on “A Capitol Fourth – visual re-mix

  1. It’s uncanny…. Every time I see and hear Jackie in a new performance, I think: Wow, this is my favorite girl singer doing my favorite performance!! But the next one comes along and then that one becomes my favorite!! How does she do this E V E R Y T I M E !!!!! And David, you are absolutely right…. I have not been able to find a single thing about Jackie that is less than beautiful. Jackie embodies everything that is beautiful about America and the American people. It’s like taking America and deleting all the ugly and negative parts about it, and what is left is Jackie Evancho. Long live Jackie!! Viva Jackie!!


    • You are right David and Daniel.I feel like you and many many more I thank god that sent JACKIE to us ,and thank god I life and had the opportunity to see and hear the angel sing.Thank you JACKIE and god bless you.


  2. Maia – I was very impressed. I was going to do this so thank you, As I have told you before , I do not care for stills but you have done a great job. Fred


  3. What a lovely creature… bursting with love.. any that cannot feel it is to be pitied..
    You know….. I may love the beautiful grown up Jackie more than the baby Jackie..


  4. Thank you Maya! You have focused on Jackie and her song, it’s very well. I began my year with too much work so I couldn’t take time to discover your new creations but it’s always a great pleasure.
    I started a site on and for our protected hummingbird. Here is the link http://jackieevanchoenfrancais.weebly.com/
    You are a creator, tell me please if something can be add or changed, I’m open. I mentioned your site of course, as a rich contribution. Are you agree?
    I don’t know how to do to show it to Jackie! It’s her site but if every one answers like me, she certainly receives 70 000 reply, each time she Tweets. 😉


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