To Where You Are

Recording and photos from Lewiston, NY concert in June, 2013.

Official Jackie Evancho website


4 thoughts on “To Where You Are

  1. Chaque fois que Jackie Evancho chante c’est un émerveillement ! Il y a tellement de pureté dans sa voix ! Merci de tout coeur Maïa pour le partage.


  2. This is a Josh Groban song, Jackie is performing. I realize it’s a live recording, but her voice
    seems a bit thin, perhaps because it’s a live performance and the microphones are not set
    up correctly. The piano accompaniment seems a bit muffled. I would like to hear this in a
    recording studio setting, I’m sure it would sound a lot better.


    • I’m pretty sure the problems are with the amateur recording equipment. The video recorder was in the audience, relatively distant from Jackie. I was at the concert and can vouch for Jackie having given a lovely performance of this song. It was a highlight of the evening.


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