Nessun Dorma (v.2)

All photos of Jackie in this video are her singing Nessun Dorma at different times (age 11). The audio is from the Dream With Me PBS Concert in 2011.

Official Jackie Evancho website –


9 thoughts on “Nessun Dorma (v.2)

  1. Another beautiful video ! Thank you, Maia…

    “Nessun (with an “n”) Dorma” is one of my favorites by Miss Evancho. ūüôā


  2. D√©sol√©e Ma√Įa, impossible de voir la vid√©o en entier ! Elle se coupe √† 55 secondes ! Merci par avance.


    • Beautiful rhythm, beautiful lyrical flight with great generosity! What a superb enhancement of our delicious muse. Thanks much Maia. Imagine the number of countries in which spread your beautiful creations so full of emotions.


    • Christiane, j’aurai une solution pour vous si le probl√®me n’est pas r√©solu. Je tiens √† √™tre solidaire de tous les Fans fran√ßais. Ma√Įa produit des vid√©os trop √©mouvantes !


  3. J’ai pu voir la vid√©o en entier et c’est un vrai enchantement ! Jackie offre l√†, une performance magistrale ! Merci de tout coeur Ma√Įa et merci aussi √† claudepapastock qui m’a propos√© son aide !


  4. My second-all-time-favorite Jackie song (Lovers is #1) which she does with unequaled intensity and emotion. If you enhance/freeze the original PBS video at the conclusion of Nessun Dorma, you’ll see Jackie’s eyes red and filled with tears. Fantastic artistry, Maia – What’s music without love and intense emotion?

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  5. Jackie. Your voice is a manifestation of Christ’s power and glory in you. He who formed the spirit within you and gave you the voice of an angel, was for displaying the splendor of his magesty.

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