Se (v.2)

Photographs of Jackie from headlining with Tony Bennett in May of 2013.



5 thoughts on “Se (v.2)

  1. Hey Maia, did you work all the night to give us fans a soooooo sweet production so quickly? A so beautiful Slideshow, and photos, song, dress, smile… A meeting of perfection around the incredible and shining Jackie! I’m sitting into this cyclone of joy. Thank you once more! Already launched on Tweeter, It will be appreciate by thousands of fans in a few minutes.

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  2. This beautiful love song Se was also sung by Josh Groban (Cinema Paradiso).
    To really enjoy Jackie’s beautiful rendition of this song, you need to follow the lyrics..
    or just sit back and listen…

    If you were in my eyes for one day Se tu fossi nei miei occhi per un giorno
    You could see the full beauty of the joy Vedresti la bellezza che piena d’allegria
    I find in your eyes Io trovo dentro gli occhi tuoi
    And it isn’t magic or loyalty E nearo se magia o lealta

    If you were in my heart for a day Se tu fossi nel mio cuore per un giorno
    You would have an idea Potreste avere un’idea
    Of what I feel Di cio che sento io
    When you hold me strongly to you Quando m’abbracci forte a te
    Heart to heart, E petto a petto, noi
    Breathing together Respiriamo insieme

    Protagonist of your love Protagonista del tuo amor
    I don’t know if it’s magic or loyalty Non so se sia magia o lealta

    IF you were in my soul for a day Se tu fossi nella mia anima un giorno
    You would know what is inside me Sapresti cosa sono in me
    That I fell in love Che m’innamorai
    At that instant, together with you Da quell’istante insieme a te
    And what I sense E cio che provo e
    It’s only love. Solamente amore

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  3. Quel bonheur d’entendre chanter l’Amour ! Nous avons tous tellement besoin de merveilleux, de sublime, de beauté ! Merci Jackie pour tout ce que vous apportez par votre talent ! Merci Maïa de nous le faire partager !!

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