Jackie Evancho in Taiwan – 2013



4 thoughts on “Jackie Evancho in Taiwan – 2013

  1. Its impossible for me to not feel myself well up with emotion to the point of tears every time I hear Jackie sings. There’s an extraordinary quality to her voice that connects me to the divine. It’s been like that ever since I first saw her perform on AGT. I think that most that hear her are affected in a similar manner. We use different words to convey that but when one speaks about the divine we find ourselves lacking for adequate words. Jackie is something so special that I think the music world has never ever experienced the like of it before. I am amazed how she captivates her audiences around the world. She’s truly spreading light, joy, peace and most of all, love everywhere she goes. She may well be a catalyst for elevating all those that hear and see her to a new level of consciousness. Dare I say she’s transformative.


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