Dream With Me

The title song to her Dream With Me CD, Jackie assisted in writing it. Recorded at age ten. Photos are from live concert of a twelve year old Jackie in January of 2013.



4 thoughts on “Dream With Me

  1. Maia, now I realize that you’re definitely angelic, because the imagery you use is other-worldly and must come deeply from within your evolved Spirit. The image beginning at about the 2-minute mark in this video is the most beautiful image I’ve EVER seen! Stairway leading to JME within the Eye of God Constellation. I wish I could learn how to display this image in this reply…A picture NO doubt worth a million words!!!


  2. Dear Maia, Again, thank you for your beautiful rendition of JME’s Dream With Me. I sent a reply on your website but was unable to post the amazing image (simple to do on Twitter) that I attempted to describe in same:


    • Maia, your artistry is beautifully breathtaking and should be cherished by everyone…especially the many of us that love Jackie Evancho. I Tweeted
      Jackie your website (with one of your Dream With Me images) so many others
      might enjoy your artistic passion for Jackie Evancho’s music. I’m forever grateful
      that I stumbled upon your website!!!


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