Moon Over Ruined Castle

12 year old Jackie sings this song in Japanese. It is available on the Japanese version of Songs From The Silver Screen CD.

I took all the screenshots of Jackie featured in this presentation from the concert video of Andre J. Samson (Jackie performing My Heart Will Go On) which can be found on You Tube.

The words in English to Moon Over Ruined Castle…

Flowery feast in spring high up in the castle
Cups were passed around with moonlight reflected on the surface of sake
The moonlight shined through the old pine branches
Where is that old moonlight now?

Encampment in autumn was white covered with frost
A number of geese honked as they flew across the sky
The moonlight shined on the swords thrusted upright into the ground
Where is that old moonlight now?

Now at midnight the moon is right above
For whom does it shine like in the past?
Nothing remains on the rampart but some ivy
Nothing to hear but the rustle of pine branches in the storm

Up in the sky the moon and the stars remain unchanged
But in the earthly life, rises and falls come and go
Does the moon hang there to reflect those changes?
Ah! the midnight moon over the ruined castle

Jackie Evancho’s official website


7 thoughts on “Moon Over Ruined Castle

  1. Is there any question after listening to this why Jackie is loved wherever she performs?Truly a gift from the divine Jackie is becoming an ambassador for God’s love and an example of what heaven on earth will be. We are so privileged to be here at this time to witness what this little girl is accomplishing. As she matures it will become more and more apparent.


  2. Thank you for producing this video. I watched and listened to it over and over again, and then I rushed over to eBay to order a copy of the Japanese edition.

    Why oh why does Sony or whoever makes these decisions not offer this song as a download? I know that they would sell thousands. Similarly, why don’t they put Danny Boy for sale as a download? Jackie has recorded enough songs not available on CD (or not easliy available) that they could put together an EP!


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