One thought on “Imaginer

  1. This beautiful orchestral score was written by Walter Afanasieff (My Heart will go on),
    and lyrics for Lara Fabian’s “Broken Dreams”.
    However, with the lyrics to this beautiful melody rewritten for Jackie’s Imaginer, this has to be a perfect fusion of music and lyrics and could even be one of Jackie’s signature songs.

    Conrad Tao, who is playing the piano accompaniment so artistically,
    is very accomplished. You can certainly hear it in the piano interlude that ends with a
    progressive scaled run up the key board and then down to the lowest bass note with a
    rest that allows Jackie to come in with the finale to this great performance.

    “An ancient tree tells a story
    That is hard to imagine down here:
    Long before the tower of Babel,
    Before cell phones, and combustion engines,
    There was a garden
    As big as our old earth
    Where brother protected brother.
    Imagine a world as pure as the sun,
    Where war is only a memory.
    Imagine a world without hunger,
    Under one heaven, one God,
    Where strife is extinguished.”

    …..Imagine how it could have been.


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